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The right lighting for your new home

Have you moved home recently or are you in the process of moving? To feel completely comfortable in your new living space, having the right light design is a necessity. So we've asked lights.co.uk for advice - and they're also offering our readers a lights.co.uk discount voucher offering 10% off until end of October 2019.

lights.co.uk discount voucher

With a huge selection of 30,000 lamps and lights at Lights.co.uk, you can find lots of ways to make your rooms bright, comfortable and stylish. Are you looking for a bargain? Discover our sale section and benefit from up to 70% off. On top of this, you will find a lights.co.uk discount voucher to save 10% off lighting at the end of the article.

Illumination types: basic, area and accent lighting

Lighting can be divided into three types. Basic lighting is provided by ceiling lights and/or wall lights. Though the effect may be pleasant, it is sometimes too dark or simply not positioned right for reading and close work.

The solution here is area lighting. This creates a comfortable additional light in a specific area in the form of floor lamps or table lamps. So, a cozy reading evening in your favourite chair is much more fun when those autumn nights get darker.

A visual highlight creates the accent lighting. This kind of lighting includes small accents that will visually enhance your space. LED strips, salt crystal lights and bright decoration are just a few ways to highlight different details of your home.

Add light colours correctly

You can choose between different light colours when buying modern light sources. Warm white, universal white or daylight white provide the desired atmosphere in every room.

Light sources that use warm white light are best suited for creating cosy indoor spaces in the home. Universal white light is the best choice for offices of all kinds including your home office. Bluish light is mostly used for industrial lighting but it can have a cool effect in domestic interiors too.

Finding the right lamp for your individual interior design

Now that you know which light colour and type of lighting you need, you can pick the right design too. Be inspired by a wide selection of different ceiling, hanging, table and floor lamps plus save 10% off lighting.

Those who prefer a modern style should focus on clear lines and high functionality. The country style has rustic charm with its use of wood and wrought iron. If you prefer timeless interiors, a classic designer lamp from Artemide or Flos is never wrong.

How about other style ideas? A new light in the Scandinavian, industrial or the maritime style for instance? Find your new dream lights to match your furnishing style on our site. You can see for yourself a wide variety of ceiling lights, pendant lights, floor lamps, decorative lights and table lamps.

Lights.co.uk coupon code

Shopping with a voucher is fun! To redeem your lights.co.uk discount voucher, simply use  the coupon code: UK19-HOA10, with which you get 10% discount on your order (no minimum order value!). Discount is valid until 31/10/2019.




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