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RIBA launches new find an architect service

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has just launched a new and improved service to help match you with accredited architects in your area. Here's how it works and what to think about...

Find an Architect

The Royal Institute of British Architects is the home of architecture and the number one professional body for driving excellence in architecture. So we have asked them to tell us about their new service to help you find an architect.

Featuring more than 3,700 RIBA-accredited Chartered Practices, and over 41,000 inspiring project examples  RIBA’s Find an Architect service  is easy to use and free of charge. Here’s how to get the best out of the process from the word go.

Start by setting out a clear brief

Before you start your architect search, you’ll need to draw up your project brief, your wish list for your project. Focus on what you want to achieve and how you’ll use the space, now and in the future, rather than what you think needs to be built.

The ultimate success of your project depends on the quality of your brief, i.e. your ability to describe clearly to your architect how you will use the space and any essential requirements or needs.  For example, is it important that the family is together in one open space or do you need to retain private areas for work, music lessons or other reasons. Is it particularly important to add storage, a utility or additional bathroom.

What’s your budget?

Try to establish your overall project budget too as this will help you discuss costs up front with the architect and avoid disappointment at a later stage.

Architects’ fees will vary depending on the location and complexity of the project and level of service expected from them. Some architects will base their charges on a percentage of a total project cost, others as a fixed price lump sum or on a time charge basis.

Find your Architect

Now that you’ve got the basics, go the RIBA Find an Architect tool  enter a few details about your project brief, your budget and what you’re looking for from your architect.

Based on your requirements, the service will match you (confidentially) to a maximum of fifteen RIBA-accredited Chartered Practices with the right expertise for the job. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to your list, so you can access it at any time.

Your project details (but not your contact details) will be shared with the practices.  The practices then have 7 working days to confirm if they are suitable for your project. When they register their interest, RIBA will send you an email to let you know which practices are able to take on your project.  This makes it even easier for you to shortlist your favourites and make a final selection.

Compare projects and experience

Throughout the process you can compare previous experience and the projects most relevant to yours. Each step of the way, you’re supported by the RIBA team should you need additional advice.

What is a RIBA-accredited Chartered Practice?

All architects featured on RIBA’s Find an Architect are RIBA-accredited Chartered Practices, so you can be sure you’ll not only get high-quality service, but peace of mind, too. These practices are:

  • highly skilled and professionally trained to turn your aspirations into reality
  • work to a strict code of professional conduct
  • will guide you through the design, planning and construction process
  • can apply for planning permission and help you find a suitable builder
  • will help keep your project on time and within budget
  • ensure the building is constructed to a high standard

For more information on using RIBAs find an architect service contact 0207 307 3700 or contact


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