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Less than 7 days to sell your house by Christmas

Sellers have just days left to get their property on the market if they want to sell before Christmas. But don't panic - we've got advice from the experts to help guide you

Crazy as it is, the shops are already stocking tinsel, trees and treats, speculation is mounting over what John Lewis will pull out the bag for his year’s advert and Strictly Come Dancing is in full swing – it can only mean one thing, Christmas is on the way!

Yes, the festive season will be with us before we know it so, if you’re planning to sell your house before the big day, then you’ll need to get a move on.

Last year we analysed figures from our comparison tool EstateAgent4Me and found properties put up for sale in October take, on average, 65 days to sell. That means if you want a sale agreed this side of the festive season you’ll have to list your home before next Wednesday 17th October. With our EstateAgent4Me tool you can compare agents by the factors that really matter, from fees to sales performance.

Top tips

If you’re feeling the pressure, worry not – we’ve asked a host of property specialists for their top tips to make it even more possible that you’ll have a sale agreed before old St Nick makes an appearance.

Russell Quirk, Founder and CEO of

“The most important tip for selling your home before the Christmas period is to refrain from putting up decorations until the last possible moment in order to keep the home as a blank canvas for viewers. Having festive decor throughout the house could turn potential buyers off because they have difficulty picturing the property as their own.

“Alongside the minimal festive decor, it’s a good idea to have photos of the home throughout the different seasons, especially in the summer months when there is different lighting and you can showcase the garden which you would otherwise struggle to do as the nights draw in. It’s also important to be vocal about any additional amenities nearby as these may have been missed in the dark and doing so will enable you to sell your home to its fullest potential.”

Property expert Henry Pryor

“Be realistic with your asking price!  It’s not a statement of what you will accept, it’s not an aspiration it should be something to tempt people to come and see your property. If you don’t get people through the front door then you will never sell it so be cautious and not over-ambitious.”

Paula Higgins, chief executive, HomeOwners Alliance

“Don’t depersonalise your home. While it’s important to tidy up and declutter too many sellers make the mistake of stripping back their property too much. In the winter months especially, bare and characterless homes can look cold and impersonal. Buyers want to see how the house works as a home. They’re buying a lifestyle. Show them that. Embrace the season by lighting a fire and burning some scented candles

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