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New homes building target missed by nearly 25%

The government have fallen short of their new housebuilding target by nearly 50,000 new homes, according to the National House Building Council (NHBC).

There are many problems with new build homes, not least the fact that there simply aren’t enough of them.

Last year, NHBC’s annual statistics registered 156,140 new homes, falling short of the government’s own new homes building target of 200,000.

There has been a significant drop in new homes in London, Yorkshire and the Humber and Wales, despite a significant rise in property prices.

Registrations in the capital city have fallen by 9%, whereas in Yorkshire they have fallen by 13%.

Outside of these areas, however, NHBC have reported notable growth on 2014’s statistics, with the Eastern region (+23%), North West (+16%) and Scotland (+15%) leading the way.

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