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Facebook Open House helps vendor save £51,360 compared to traditional estate agents

Would you buy a property that you'd seen on Facebook? Using Virtual Walkthrough technology and savvy social media promotion, helped Mike Freeman sell his London flat, achieving £10,000 more than the asking price.

House Facebook

The online estate agent,, helped Mike Freeman achieve £10,000 more than the asking price when selling his London flat, using technology company Virtual Walkthrough™ to deliver the world’s first virtual open house on Facebook. In reality, when compared with using a traditional estate agent helped Mike make a whopping saving of £51,360.

The two bedroom home in Hackney, East London was sold for £560,000. In comparison, an almost identical property in the same block sold for £518,000 in May, through traditional estate agents.

The virtual open house using Virtual Walkthrough’s technology created 145 virtual open house viewings during the three hour period it was live on Facebook, with shares creating a reach of 29,349.

facebook open house

Mike Freeman says: “We are absolutely delighted we have completed. We have a young family so that extra money makes a real difference! We couldn’t have achieved such a great price without the assistance of and their use of the Virtual Walkthrough’s technology.

It opened us up to a wider audience and made it easier for people to view our property. The future is using technology to better support the property market and the first virtual open house just goes to prove the future is online for the estate agency industry. It works and that’s what counts. We have an extra £50,000 thanks to technology so I’m certain that pretty soon people will stop seeing it as a risk and realise that it simply is a better way to sell your home. Why would you ever use a traditional estate agent again?”

Following the success of the virtual open house will be running open houses every Wednesday on their Facebook page using Virtual Walkthrough’s breakthrough HDR 4K technology.

Paula Higgins, HomeOwners Alliance CEO says, “It’s good that homeowners seize control over selling their home – it’s not rocket science.  We are always on your side and you can find lots of information on our website no matter what stage you are at. If you are thinking about using an online estate agent take a look at our independent guide that reviews all of the main players.”



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