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Can you help prove the existence of enlightened estate agents?

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A new service called People dot Property, set up by two despairing home sellers and friends of the HomeOwners Alliance, is hoping to compel estate agents to treat their customers in a more “enlightened” way but need some vendors to take part in their trial.

The way it works is by capturing a few key details about a vendor’s property and then using publicly available information to short list agents with good selling track records before then phoning them up – and this is where they differ to other search sites – to do some proper vetting on the vendors behalf.

The vetting process was developed using guidance from the Home Owners Alliance’s “How should I choose an Estate Agent” pages and will assess whether agents are willing to follow an “Enlightened Code of Conduct”:

  • How willing they are to offer a competitive fee before seeing the property.
  • How clear are their terms? Are there any hidden costs or long tie-in periods?
  • What commercial relationship do the agents have, if any, with the service providers they recommend.
  • Are they willing to offer a ”Happiness Guarantee” – a refund on part of their fee if a customer is unhappy with the service they receive?

Once People dot Property are happy that they have found agents that appear to be of an enlightened sort, People dot Property invite them pitch for the vendor’s business via their website. Vendors can then compare and choose which estate agent they want their details to be shared with.

In the long-run, People dot Property plan to have a database of individual estate agents that have agreed to abide by an enlightened code of conduct, complete with customer reviews, which vendors can then search for directly through the website.

The founders stress that they’re testing the water to explore how well agents respond to their request for an “enlightened” code of conduct so are looking for vendors who are up for trying things out – if it doesn’t work then people can always go back to finding estate agents the old way.

If you’re up for taking part please sign up here or email the founder Will at

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