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It's good to know we can help our 1.5 million visitors on a whole range of issues faced by home owners, whether buying, selling, managing or improving their home.

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Last year, more than 1.5 million homeowners and aspiring homeowners visited our website, viewing over 2.5 million pages. That’s more than 3 times as much as 2013, and shows the huge demand there is for independent advice and information.

Last month alone, we had over 200,000 visitors, twice the level of January 2014. We believe we are Britain’s most popular and fastest growing property advice website, staying true to our mission to help homeowners facing some of the biggest and most complex decisions of their lives.

The feedback we have had from our readers and members has been overwhelmingly positive, and shows the need in the UK for the HomeOwners Alliance.

So whether you’re a leasehold owner unsure of where you stand on unfair charges or wanting to extend your lease….

or have fallen victim to unfair estate agents contracts and practices…

need access to expert advice, no matter what the home related question, from Japanese Knotweed to complaining about noisy neighbours..

or simply someone to talk through the next steps with when buying and selling a home…

Then join us!

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The HomeOwners Alliance: we’re on your side


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