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Switch and save this September

Research out last week shows very few of us are making an effort to switch and save. But companies don't reward loyalty so it's money down the drain. Check out these ways of making shopping around easier for you...

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According to research out last week, over half of us haven’t switched any of the 10 most common financial products in the last 12 months in order to get a better deal. 60% of consumers have had the same energy provider for 3 years. The research, carried out with just over 2,000 UK adults, was commissioned by comparison website, and also revealed that in the last 12 months mortgages were the least switched product with only 2% being bothered to shop around.

This goes against everything we know. The big companies don’t reward loyalty. If you want a good deal and to save money you need to shop around when renewal comes up and find a better price. The fact the same survey said 29% of Brits feel worse off than a year ago and 21% of us run out of money before the end of the month should surely galvanise us to take charge and switch to save.

Paula Higgins of the HomeOwners Alliance compels people to save money by taking charge. “Most of these companies – insurers, energy companies and so on – do not reward customer loyalty. In fact many companies will only offer you a cheaper rate when you tell them you are leaving. Those who change providers regularly tend to get great deals paid by those who stay put. So shop around to ensure you’re getting the right deal for you at the best price possible.”

Recognising that the biggest hurdle to shopping around is finding the time, Paula Higgins added “We want to make it easier for homeowners to shop around. For most of us the biggest outgoing every month is our mortgage. Our mortgage service provided by London & Country can research the whole of market for you to ensure you’ve got the best deal. So whether you’re re-mortgaging or just taking stock, their no hassle, fee-free service can help.” You can request a call back from London and Country mortgage brokers today in one easy step by clicking here >>>

“Fuel bills aren’t at the top of people’s minds over the summer. Now Autumn is approaching it’s a good time to look for savings from your energy supplier. But don’t limit your search to the Big 6 Companies. Check out the alternative energy companies that may save you even more.



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