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Labour plans to build 200,000 homes a year

Ed Miliband will promise the Labour Party conference today that he will double the number of new homes built to 200,000 a year, if Labour wins the next election.

The plan includes a proposition of building new towns or “garden cities”. Labour say they will attempt to raise the amount of houses built from 87,000 to 200,000 by 2020.

Homeowners Alliance CEO Paula Higgins said: “Britain is in desperate need of new homes. We need to find places to build, whether we call them “new towns”, “garden cities” or “eco-towns” is irrelevant. Stop being political about it and let’s make a mutual pact to build.

“We welcome Labour’s plans to encourage building. Although we recognise the need to protect the greenbelt and Britain’s beautiful countryside, brownfield sites, such as disused quarries offer opportunities for development and governments must not ignore them if they are serious about ending the housing crisis.

“Owning a home is becoming a privilege that only the most affluent can afford – something must be done. This country hasn’t built enough homes for the last 30 years, so the Homeowners Alliance welcomes Labour’s commitment to increasing the number of new homes, which we believe will bring freedom, security and stability to families and individuals and benefit the entire country.”

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