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C4’s Dispatches: An exposé of estate agent tricks

The HomeOwners Alliance calls for an end to estate agents' bullying tactics and a better regulated industry to protect home buyers and sellers

Our view here at the HomeOwners Alliance is forewarned is forearmed.

And that’s why we were on Channel 4’s Dispatches programme this evening highlighting what buyers and sellers need to watch out for when dealing with estate agents. Most are professional, hard working folk, but given that anyone can set up as an estate agent, it’s best to be aware of some of the nasty tricks they deploy.


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Paula Higgins, CEO of HomeOwners Alliance calling for an end to bullying tactics by Estate Agents and a more regulated industry, with C4’s Dispatches presenter Antony Barnett

First time buyers are particularly susceptible to some of the tricks caught on camera which include:

Promises of priority viewings: estate agents bully buyers by promising advanced notice of new properties on the market if they use the agent’s in-house  mortgage adviser. While it is an option, the agent’s mortgage broker may not find you the best deal, costing you more in monthly repayments. It will also cost you more in the short term because you’ll be paying the broker and estate agent’s commission: one undercover mortgage broker on Dispatches got £350 for every £100,000 mortgage.

Promises of prioritised offers: estate agents were recorded saying they would always recommend an offer from someone using their in-house mortgage broker. It’s actually illegal not to pass on all offers. So that agent is on some particularly dodgy ground!

Promises of the property being taken off the market: One agent guaranteed this for any buyer using their in-house mortgage provider, saying “we don’t gazump our own people”. Oh dear, and here we were thinking the estate agent works for the person selling the property!

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