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Don’t miss out – get your name on the Electoral Roll

Credit experts Experian tell us why it counts in your favour to be on the electoral role

We’re halfway through the current Parliament, and already the leading names are jostling for position ahead of the expected 2015 election. How many Britons voted in our last General Election in 2010?  It was 29.6 million – a 65.1% turnout, the highest since 1997. But what of the other 34.9%?

If you didn’t vote, it could be because you didn’t get a polling card – which means you might not be on the electoral roll, and which could affect your credit rating.

Search HomeIt’s very important that your credit report includes your electoral roll registration because lenders use this information to help confirm your name, address and residential history. Not being registered could therefore cause a delay when you apply for credit, while the lenders confirm your details some other way. With some lenders it can even hurt your credit score, and some applications may be refused.

Banks and building societies usually need to know that the information about you is up to date before they are willing to offer a mortgage, a loan or any other form of financial account. Maintaining your presence on the electoral roll is therefore particularly important.

Once you’ve registered, it may take a little while for this information to appear on your credit report, as councils process monthly updates to the electoral roll and send the information to the credit reference agencies like Experian.

Your credit report should automatically be updated within around a month, but it is worth checking to make sure.

If you are unsure whether you are registered or not, or would like to register for the first time, you could visit the website, type in your home postcode and complete your local authority’s form.

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