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Second Stepper Blog Part 5: Sold!

Our members love a good chat. And we've found one willing to diarise her experience of moving house as it happens. It's been six weeks since we started hanging out and this week Emma has some good news....

It’s funny how when you stop caring quite so much about something happening, that the something in question happens. What is that? A watched pot never boils? Yes maybe it is impatience on my part. I need to be less of a control freak and give into spontaneity and fate.  Anyway, just as I was clearly starting to believe everyone was a tourist and cutting my elaborate welcoming spiel down to a quick bullet pointed run through of the house’s main features, it turns out someone wants to buy. And after just one viewing!

We negotiated on the price. They offered 15k under our marketed price. We asked again for the asking price as we are in no hurry and they agreed, as long as we would throw in the white goods. Job done! Especially as we don’t want to take the white goods with us. The estate agent was pretty helpful throughout, acting on our instruction and playing it straight, which was refreshing.

Next step: on to finding a solicitor. Am thinking of going with online conveyancing this time round. Everything crossed that surveys, solicitors, second viewings and the chain go well too.  Oh yes, and the minor detail of finding a new home.


Thanks Emma! Our diary of a second stepper will be back with more live action next week! Any questions, just let us know and we’ll pass them on.

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