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Second Stepper Blog Part 4: Keep Positive, People

Our members love a good chat. And we've found one willing to diarise her experience of moving house as it happens. It's been four weeks since we started hanging out and this week Emma is trying to stay positive with viewings....


Ok, I’m feeling like I’ve got my groove a little more on the viewings front. I’ve never made so much fresh coffee or lived with so many flowers around the house.

The online agents continue to be good: they phone me to organise the viewings at a convenient time and I have a schedule online and get email alerts of any cancellations on my phone.  They also send me a Rightmove market report so I can see how I’m doing compared to other houses which tells me if I’ve priced it right.

My only real quibble is with Joe Public. You do have to wonder what’s the point of floorplans, Google streetview, extensive photos and virtual tours if people are still going to come round and be surprised by the presence of a) a main road outside and b) lots of stairs. Did they hope that these things would magically vanish?

If I’m being generous, then yes, they are probably just seeing if the rest of the house is enough to compromise on.  But if I’m being honest, I just want to turn away the old lady with bad knees, looking for a quiet country retreat to retire to. Be on your way, old dear!

It’s my own fault. I’m near a lovely little flower shop, gastro pub and park. There’s something for all the family here, so why not make a day of it and view that house while you’re out?

I guess this is all part of finding the right people for our house. And all the feedback from the viewers which the agents collect for me in my members area has been positive. Fingers and toes crossed for some second viewings. Or even better, an offer! In the meantime, steely grins everyone….


Thanks Emma! Our diary of a second stepper will be back with more live action next week! Any questions, just let us know and we’ll pass them on.

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