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Second Stepper Blog Part 3: Think “Showhome”

Our members love a good chat. And we've found one willing to diarise her experience of moving house as it happens. It's been three weeks since we started hanging out and this week Emma is conducting her first viewing....


Selling your homeOh the fun of viewings! Despite my efforts (some would say nagging) I never did manage to train my husband to be as big a clean freak as me. So I suppose it’s no surprise that the impending viewings haven’t changed his untidy habits. I’ve tried explaining, using role play (not like that!) and bribery (yes, like that!) but it doesn’t work. So I’m feeling the pressure a little bit on the tidying front.

“7pm this Thursday, yes that’s fine”. No wait. I have children that need putting to bed at 7pm. How things have changed since the last time I sold a house! I’m lucky it’s still light out at 8 o’clock so people viewing can leave it a little later and still see the garden. Although that means some rooms are out of bounds. So really we’re looking at weekend viewings and the old divide and rule tactic with the kids. Let’s hope this house shifts fast. I’m not sure I’ve got the stamina.

Still the first viewing is done. I read the guide on conducting viewings, told my neighbour I had strangers coming round and that I’d text them when it was all clear and thankfully the couple seemed really lovely. Now I just await the feedback…

Still umming and ahhing about the “For Sale” board too. It’s not just the fact I don’t know how to erect it. OK I admit I haven’t quite got round to popping to B&Q, getting a stake, attaching it to the board and somehow attaching that to the front fence so it doesn’t fall and hurt somebody. But it’s more the thought of seeing it every time I go in and out of the house acting as an almost oppressive reminder we are in a state of transition. But maybe if it was up, the state of transition would be shorter lived…decisions decisions.

I’ll keep you posted.


Thanks Emma! Our secret diary of a second stepper will be back with more live action next week! Any questions, just let us know and we’ll pass them on.

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