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Second Stepper Blog Part 1: Decision time

Our members love a good chat. And we've found one who is kind enough to diarise her experience of moving house as it happens. Here's Emma’s first entry as she takes the plunge and appoints an estate agent....


After much umming and ahhing we’ve done it. We’ve agreed it’s time to move house.  We live in a lovely little house, full of character. It was a real heart felt purchase 10 years ago and we stretched ourselves financially at the time to afford it. But now we need more space so that I can move away from the one-in-one-out policy. It’s getting tiring and goes against my natural tendency to keep stuff (just in case!). My husband has never forgiven me for getting rid of his weights because there was nowhere to put them out of view. I can do without any more guilt trips…

So. Where to start? We put a lick of paint on the walls earlier in the year and sorted broken bits round the house. We need to get the garden shed fixed still as the side is hanging off, and give our little garden some TLC now the weather is nicer (she says, on 1st July!), but basically we are ready. I know, is the summer a good time? Well, I can’t be doing with all that detailed analysis – I’m ready, so now will have to do.

That’s not to say I haven’t done my fair share of Google based research. We searched around, read guides online and have decided we need to sell before we start seriously looking to buy. We were inspired by Sam’s story to use online agents. We could see that:

1. there are huge savings to be had. We could get a new bathroom with that money!

2. most people now search online for properties

3. we’re pretty confident we’ll sell (hope I don’t live to regret saying that out loud!) and

4. our last (high street) estate agents didn’t do very much but interfere in the process. In fact I think they completely forgot it was us paying their wages, not our buyer. And they did very little to “sell” our flat

So we went for it. We’ve looked at a few and signed up with an online agent. Their fees were very clear, there is a contract you can view online before signing up (basically it’s a multiple agency contract so if we want to sell with a high street agent as well we can). We did an online chat with them last night about their price options. Obviously you don’t know if these things are going to work, so we went with the commission option whereby we pay £195 up front and the rest (£700) on completion. We could have had it cheaper if we had gone with the flat upfront fee of £495. They argue they are incentivised to sell whichever package you take. But surely not having all our money just yet makes them work harder than if they had it already? I don’t know. We’ll see.

They send a qualified NAEA estate agent round next week to do floorplans, photos etc. So I’m off to de-clutter and plant some flowers to cheer up the garden…


Thanks Emma! Our diary of a second stepper will be back with more live action next week. Any questions, just let us know and we’ll pass them on. In the meantime if you’d like more information on selling your home, check out our guides

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