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For Sale Boards: Do they work?

For Sale boards: do they work or can I get away without one?

When it comes to selling your house your marketing strategy is key and it should include the use of a For Sale board. Although many people feel they are an old fashioned marketing method and an invite for nosey neighbours, in our experience they are highly effective.  Don’t be tempted to rely solely on internet based marketing. You need to make the most of passers-by and local traffic as well.




Whether you have opted to sell with a traditional high street or via an internet agent either should be able to provide you with a quality For Sale board. Costs will vary from agent to agent, generally if you are going to pay a commission fee to your agent the board will be free; with an online based agent you can expect to pay around £20 to £45 for a board. Check whether they install it as otherwise you will need to factor in the time and effort of getting a post and erecting the sign on your property.

If you have decided to go down the DIY route with a private sale then a For Sale board is a must as you won’t be able to advertise your house on all the online portals. If you want people to take your house seriously then a professional board is the way to go. Printing companies will be able to make a bespoke For Sale sign for you and there are also a wide variety of websites offering customised boards in various eye catching designs. Keep the design simple and opt for bold colours, always ensure the board you order will be made of a high quality waterproof material, ideally correx. Again prices will vary from approximately £20 to £50 depending on quality.

Before installing your board there are some rules and regulations to consider too, the main points to follow are:

  1. Only one board can be displayed on a property, unless it consists of two different advertisements joined together to form a single board. The first board displayed will be presumed to be the one permitted, further boards could be subject to fines.
  2. If the property for sale is for residential use or development the board must not exceed 0.5 square metres in total area, or a total of 0.6 square metres for two joined boards.
  3. No board advertising a property for sale may be displayed exceeding 4.6 metres in height above ground level. The only exception being where the building on which the board is displayed exceeds that level anyway; for example, a flat located on the first floor level or above.
  4. Any board displayed on a building must not project from the surface of the building by more than a maximum of 1 metre.
  5. The For Sale board advertising a property must be displayed only at the property to which it relates.
  6. Any board advertising a property for sale must be removed within a maximum of 14 days after the sale completes.

Written by Sarah Male Urban Sales and Lettings



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