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Want to make extra cash? Turn your home into a film set

If you don't mind the inconvenience movies can make you money

It’s not just homeowners who have felt the pinch since the financial crash, film studios are also looking for ways to cut costs. This has led to an increase in “location” shoots which cost less than building a studio. Here’s where you come in. By offering up your home as a possible film location you can turn your property into a tidy earner.

The right kind of property in London can “earn” from £500 a day for a magazine photo shoot to £2,500 a day for a big-budget film. Jonathan King of Shootfactory, a location agency founded in 2007 said: “We have clients who have effectively made a profession out of hiring out their homes as movie locations. Some people hire their homes out five days a week for up to 50 weeks a year.”

Don’t worry if your home isn’t a mansion overlooking Hamstead Heath. “It is hard to generalise as every movie is different,” adds King. “But property owners interested in letting out their homes shouldn’t assume locations need to be glamorous or in immaculate condition. “We used an attic in Sydenham for a fight scene in the Sean Bean movie Cleanskin.” In 2008, a house in unfashionable Peckham in south-east London provided the location for Madonna-directed Filth and Wisdom.

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