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Private renting is “damaging” children’s lives

A new report by Shelter shows the detrimental affect of insecure housing on children

The instability of private renting is damaging children’s lives according to a new report by Shelter. One in ten families have had to change their children’s school because they have had to move home. This is particularly worrying as now one in five families are in the private rented sector.

Renting families are nine times more likely to have moved in the past year than those who own their homes. Parents are all too aware of the impact of this instability, with 44 per cent saying their child would have a better childhood if their home was more stable. Last year a survey from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) found that homeowners were significantly happier than those in the private rented sector.

The private rented sector is becoming ever larger as homeownership declines. Our report Death of a Dream found that owner occupation has slumped to the lowest level since 1988. This is largely due to a lack of affordability as homeownership was in decline even before credit was restricted after the financial crisis.

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