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New Homes and Equity loans: a drop in the ocean

The HomeOwners Alliance welcomes the Budget 2013’s emphasis on housing and supports the extension of Right to Buy. The new shared equity scheme, Help to Buy, could be an important boost for aspiring buyers. However, the action announced is a drop in the ocean and will do little to tackle the shortage of homes in the UK.

Budget announcements will help people but will they really tackle the housing crisis we have got ourselves into? 

If you’re living in social housing in London and in a position to buy, then the extension of the Right-to-buy discount announced today could make owning your own home possible. We welcome this move as long as the Government uses the revenue raised to fill the housing gap.

Help to Buy is an extension of an existing scheme whereby an equity loan from the Government of up to 20% enables people with a 5% deposit to get on the property ladder. Help to Buy will open out this equity loan to all people wanting to buy a new home, not just first time buyers, and comes with no limit on household income.

Paula Higgins, Chief Executive of the HomeOwners Alliance, said: “Help to Buy as practical help for homebuyers but warns that it isn’t risk free: new homes fall in value as soon as the key is turned in the door, trapping buyers in negative equity.

The new mortgage guarantee looks positive in principle but the  Government has dodged any measures that would make a real difference to the affordability of owning a home, preferring instead to fiddle around the edges, helping people manage their escalating debt rather than taking away some of the crippling unfair costs such as stamp duty.”

Today’s Budget announcements will do little to address the fact that we have not been building enough homes for 30 years.

Ms Higgins continued: “While the equity loan scheme announced today will get some houses built, it won’t be enough. The Government should have considered a targeted Help to Build scheme, getting more houses in the right places and at the right price available on the open market, if they want to make a dent on the decades of chronic lack of house building.”

Successive governments have consistently announced policies aimed at kick-starting developments but construction of new homes is at a record low. Just 98,000 housing “starts” were recorded last year down 11% and well short of the 230,000 new households which were formed.

The dream of home ownership is dying in this country. Home ownership has fallen to the lowest level in 25 years and set to tumble further. There are far too many examples of hard working people saving for years and failing to get a deposit on even a modest property. We call on the government to ensure enough homes are built and fix our broken housing system.

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