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High house prices catalyst for divorce claims judge

High court judge insists house prices are undermining marriage

Sir Paul Coleridge, a high court judge, has claimed that people are putting off getting married because they can’t afford to buy a home, and those who do get married are more likely to get divorced thanks to the pressure of trying to pay for their home. He said that unaffordable prices caused people to “slide” into commitments of other sorts, such as living together, which were more prone to end in a break-up.

“There is a real danger here. People can slide into ever greater commitments without ever making a decision to be a couple.” He added: “Without such commitment, the build-up of constraints can lead to the breakdown of the relationship.”

A conference starting today organised by the Marriage Foundation (set up by Coleridge) will debate a new survey which found that although most people want to get married, nearly one in five London couples say they have yet to do so because they cannot afford to buy a home.

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