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Government to build just 20% of promised affordable homes

Coalition to build just 37,000 affordable homes over course of parliament

Over its five year term this government is set to build just 37,000 new affordable homes, a fifth of what the coalition promised. A freedom of information request by Labour, revealed that on average Tory-controlled Local Authorities have given the green light to an average of just 93 affordable homes per council which is 30% fewer than Liberal Democrat authorities and just 40% of Labour ones.

Affordable homes, built for the poorest fifth of the popluation, should be of the highest priority for this government as there is a severe shortage of this type of housing in certain regions of the country. David Cameron has promised 170,000 new affordable homes but this is looking increasingly unrealistic.

Hilary Benn, the shadow communities and local government secretary, said the government had “stretched the definition of affordable to the limit by increasing rents to levels completely unaffordable for many … It would be absolutely shocking if this government was not able to deliver what should have been a bare minimum of homes by 2015.”

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