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Calling all bargain hunters – homes are now available for £1 in Liverpool

Scheme aims to bring empty homes back into use

Liverpool City Council are planning to offer up to 20 homes to local people for just £1. These enormous discounts come with a couple of conditions. Buyers must refurbish the properties to the Decent Home Standard and live in them for at least five years. The bargain basement houses are part of a plan to bring 179 homes back into use in the Kensington, Granby and Picton areas of Liverpool.

The Riverside Group will also receive some properties on condition they are refurbished and then offered for sale at 25% less than market value. The model has already worked in other parts of the city with The Riverside Group bringing 250 properties back into use.

Liverpool City Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Ann O’Byrne, said: “We think that these plans provide a really good foundation for the future of housing in Granby, Kensington and Picton. We want to find innovative ways of bringing properties back into use and attracting people back into our neighbourhoods – whether that’s through offering homes for £1, or working with Registered Providers to refurbish homes and selling them at discounted prices.”

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