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Permission for new homes up by a third

But house building still falls well short for millions of aspiring homeowners.

The representative body for the home building industry in England and Wales reported yesterday that the number of new homes being granted planning permission is up by a third.

33,881 homes were given the all clear, a 36% rise on the 24,872 approvals in the second quarter, and 17% higher than a year earlier.

This is good news for the millions of aspiring homeowners out there, assuming the new properties are well built, quality designed homes. And it shows that the Government’s changes to the planning rules earlier this year are a step in the right direction.

But that’s all it is – a shift in the right direction.  The House Building Federation point out this figure is still less than the 60,000 approvals it says are needed each quarter to meet demand. The HomeOwners Alliance want to see a more significant drive for home building. Continuing the current low level of house-building is storing up huge social and economic problems for the years ahead, as reported in our report “Death of a Dream

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