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New flat is four times bigger than it appears

Innovative design seeks to reinvent inner city accomodation

A new type of flat has been designed to appear four times bigger than its actual size of 80 square metres. Former Dragons’ Den judge Simon Woodroffe has launched a showcase of the design which seeks to revolutionise the way inner city accomodation is built. His flats incorporate “hidden rooms” to maximise the available space. Many of the flat’s features are hidden and can be accessed at the touch of a button, such as a bed which descends from the ceiling to nestle over a sunken living room.

The prototype has been seven years in the making and the Yo!Design apartment draws on engineering methods used in yachts, cars, and stage production. Mr Woodroffe said: “Since the invention of the city centre apartment, we’ve never really re-invented it. YO! Home is that new invention. The technologies we have used are already established in car design, super-yachts and theatre, their application in the home is long overdue.”

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