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Councils unite to block planning permission holiday

Town halls insist allowing unauthorised extensions will be a disaster

Last night councils declared war on the government’s plans to temporarily waive planning permission on extension up to 8 metres. The Local Government Association (LGA), which represents 370 councils said that councils would not implement the proposals. Currently extensions of up to 3 metres in length can be built without permission but the government plans to temporarily allow extensions of up to 8 metres for detached, and 6 metres for attached properties to go ahead with no green light from the council. David Cameron has argued that this will be a significant boost to the construction industry and help homeowners improve their abodes.

The LGA argues that the holiday would result in ugly, and unfair extensions which would blight neighbourhoods. Currently councils turn down about 22,000 out of the 200,000 applications they receive each year. The LGA’s Mike Jones said:

‘This policy potentially gives the green light to unsightly and out-of-place development without delivering a big enough boost to the construction industry to justify the potential damage,’

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