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Government makes it easier for homeowners to extend their home

Year long planning holiday for extensions up to 8 metres

David Cameron, today announced that his government intends to establish a year long holiday of planning permission for extensions to homes. The Government wants to push this change through after a brief one month consultation.  Private homes will be allowed to extend by up to 8 metres (26 feet) long for detached properties and 6 metres (20 feet) for terraced ones.

Cameron said:

“We’re determined to cut through the bureaucracy that holds us back. That starts with getting the planners off our backs. Meeting the aspirations of families that want to buy or improve a home.”

Currently there are about 400,000 applications for planning permission a year, with about half of these being for residential improvements. Obtaining planning permission is a complicated process involving a lot of paper work and it can take up to 8 weeks for any application to be considered. At the moment anyone wishing to extend their home has to consider a whole range of caveats that require them to obtain planning permission, including any extension more than 3 metres in length from the back wall of the property. The proposed holiday would save thousands of people from having to go through the planning process.

The HomeOwners Alliance welcomes this move which will make it easier for home owners to improve their properties as long as these extensions do not adversely affect neighbours.

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