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Hot tubs are the latest must-have status symbol

Hot tubs top list of most desirable showpiece

Forget American style fridge-freezers and high end Danish stereos, the number requirement among the rich and famous is now the hot tub. According to a poll of 4,000 people by gadget maker De’Longhi the hot tub is now the most fashionable accessory for any home. The top ten most desirable status symbols are now:

1. Hot tub

2. Walk-in wardrobe

3. US-style fridge

4. Music equipment with speakers in every room

5. 3D TV

6. Noise-activated lights and blinds

7. Range cooker

8. Coffee machine

9. Temperature controlled wine cabinet

10. Gas BBQ

This is certainly in stark contrast to previous generations. Trend setters in the 1990’s were much more concerned with designer kitchens – breadmakers, kettles, and a black dining room set were among the top ten. Tastes have come even further since the 1960s (washing machine, electric sewing machine, teasmade, colourful kitchen cupboards, electric carving knife) and the 1950s (transistor radio, home telephone, buttons, electric toaster, Kenwood Chef, foam sofas).

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