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Recent research suggests a messy home could cut £8,000 off your sale price

Ugly features and untidy bedrooms slash asking prices by thousands

A recent survey has found that unattractive features and not being friendly to prospective buyers can knock thousands of pounds off the value of a property. Of those surveyed the most common “turn-offs” were untidy bedrooms, unkempt gardens, and clashing colour schemes.

One in ten (8%) even said they thought properties with net curtains were worth less than those without them.

On average respondents to the survey conducted by mortgage provider ING Direct claimed that a child’s messy bedroom would cause them to lower their valuation by 5 per cent, or £8,000 on the average house. Some went as far as to say that this issue would, in their eyes, reduce the value of the property by 30 per cent.

ING Direct’s Chief Executive Richard Doe insisted that even if a messy house does not completely dissuade buyers it will almost certainly have an impact on the offers that sellers will receive. Therefore when selling your home bear this in mind: a few hours work could save you thousands of pounds.

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