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Issue 39 – Jul 2016 report and infographic

Fewer transactions but house prices continue to rise

Issue 38 – Jun 2016 report and infographic

Despite drop in house sales, tight supply keeps prices rising

Issue 37 – May 2016 report and infographic

Conflicting house price index reports — overall house prices up

Issue 36 – Apr 2016 report and infographic

Rate of monthly house price growth begins to level off

Issue 35 – Mar 2016 report and infographic

Buoyant housing activity early in 2016

Issue 34 – Feb 2016 report and infographic

Biggest monthly rise in house prices for almost 2 years

Issue 33 – Jan 2016 report and infographic

2015 was a booming year for house prices and further growth is expected this year

Issue 32 – Dec 2015 report and infographic

House price growth gains pace in the final months of 2015

Issue 31 – Nov 2015 report and infographic

Rate of annual house price growth gaining pace

Issue 30 – Oct 2015 report and infographic

Pace of annual house price growth picks up after 8 month slowdown

Issue 29 – Sept 2015 report and infographic

Housing transactions up sharply and housing stock falls to a record low

Issue 28 – July 2015 report and infographic

Supply suppresses housing market activity

Issue 27 – June 2015 report and infographic

Transactions static, new instructions down and rate of annual house price growth dips

Issue 26 – May 2015 report and infographic

Sluggish start to 2015 but signs of modest pick-up in transactions and mortgage approvals

Issue 25 – Apr 2015 report and infographic

UK annual house price growth eases for fifth month in a row

Issue 24 – Mar 2015 report and infographic

While some indices note a sharper rise in house prices, overall trend of softening annual house price growth continues

Issue 23 – Feb 2015 report and infographic

Most indices report a continued slowing of annual house price growth

Issue 22 – Jan 2015 report and infographic

More modest house price growth expected in 2015

Issue 21 – Dec 2014 report and infographic

Slowing trend continues but reports are upbeat for the New Year

Issue 20 – Nov 2014 report and infographic

Pace of house price growth slows as buyers become more cautious

Issue 19 – Oct 2014 report and infographic

House prices begin to plateau

Issue 18 – Sept 2014 report and infographic

Moderate house price growth as demand/ supply gap narrows

Issue 17 – Aug 2014 report and infographic

House prices see summer slowdown

Issue 16 – July 2014 report and infographic

House prices are up but the market is cooling

Issue 15- June 2014 report and infographic

A lack of supply continues to drive house prices up but early signs that growth in demand moderating

Issue 14 – May 2014 report and infographic

Pace of house price growth slows over past month

Issue 13 – April 2014 report and infographic

Housing market gathers pace with largest monthly rise in 15 months

Issue 12 – March 2014 report and infographic

Market activity steps up a gear; buyer and seller numbers up sharply

Issue 11 – February 2014 report and infographic

‘New year, new home’ — a popular new year’s resolution for 2014

Issue 10 – January 2014 report and infographic

Housing demand continues to climb, while housing supply is at a record low – driving prices up

Issue 9 –  December 2013 report and infographic

Growing demand continues to push house prices up, particularly in the South. Improved economic outlook, Help to Buy publicity and record low mortgage rates are driving demand

Issue 8 – October/ November 2013 infographic and report

Rising house prices continue this month as demand outstrips supply. Signs of a more fluid housing market with first-time buyers returning and more homes coming on for sale

Issue 7 – August/September 2013  infographic and report

Concern of a national housing bubble is premature. While most indices report rising house prices in August/ September, outside of London and the South, prices are just beginning to register positive growth and are rising from a low base

Issue 6 – July/August 2013  infographic and report

There was no holiday for house prices this summer.  Nationally, all the major indices report a rise in house prices in the July/ August period and the recovery is now seen to extend across the UK

Issue 5 – June 2013 infographic and report

Nationally, house prices rise again this month.  Regional summary – East Midlands tops monthly rise in house prices