Find your tradesman

We have teamed up with TrustMark, a not for profit organisation licensed by Government, to signpost you to trustworthy tradesmen.

So rather than sites that are filled with “customer feedback” that may or may not be true and honest reviews, use TrustMark. They have the largest database of inspected tradesmen in the UK.



The benefits of using TrustMark tradesmen is that they operate to Government endorsed standards. This means that:

  • a firm’s technical skills, have been independently checked through regular onsite inspections, as well as checks on their trading record and financial status
  • firms have signed up to a code of practice that includes insurance, good health and safely practices and customer care
  • the approved scheme operator has checked, and will continue to monitor firms’ quality of work, trading practices and customer satisfaction
  • firms are able to offer an insurance-backed warranty
  • deposit protection insurance is available for consumers in the event that a firm ceases trading
  • the firm will tell you about any building regulations you must comply with and may also be able to provide appropriate certificates
  • if you have a problem or disagreement with a firm, there will be a clear and user-friendly complaints procedure to help you resolve the issue