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A selection of news articles featuring the HomeOwners Alliance

25/03/2015 The Telegraph Help To Buy ISA, quote from HomeOwners Alliance CEO Paula Higgins

22/03/2015 CEO Paula Higgins says in Sunday Times on Help to Buy ISA “Great news for first time buyers, every little bit helps… but there needs to be houses for people to buy.”

Help To Buy ISA - HomeOwners Alliance in The Sunday Times


20/2/2015 The Economist Brickbats and Mortar Bombs

20/2/2015 Mail Online Families stranded on rip off mortgage rates

2/2/2015 Estate Agent Today said that:

1/2/2015 HomeOwners Alliance research quoted in Sunday Times Home section

28/1/2015 Daily Express quotes HomeOwners Alliance in its examination of property portals

26/1/2015 Mortgage Strategy examines changes to the online property portal world

25/1/2015 The Observer quotes Paula Higgins warning that the new property portal OnTheMarket is a blow to consumers.

18/1/2015 The Telegraph explores how to choose an estate agent

2/1/2015 Telegraph highlights changes to property portal which could spell trouble for homesellers in 2015. HomeOwners Alliance quoted as saying

25/12/2014 The Guardian highlights property portal battle that sees consumers stuck in the middle.

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10/12/2014 , Britain’s highest property taxes in the world is a tax on the aspirations of hard working families, says Paula Higgins, Daily Mail

5/10/2014 Sunday Times 5 Minute Guide to the Mortgage Maze

2/10/2014 Telegraph – 5 tax stings you need to know about

1/10/2014 Stamp duty rockets, Daily Mail 

30/9/2014 Telegraph – taxman pockets 35% more in stamp duty

18/9/2014 Evening Standard letter to the Editor about stamp duty

September 2014 Period homes and interiors magazine quotes our 2014 HomeOwners Survey

6/09/2014 Daily Mail mentions Paula Higgins speaking about shared ownership.

August 2014 Advice provided in Moneywise magazine on handling noisy neighbours

27/08/2014 Mortgage Strategy asks Paula Higgins her views on extending mortgage terms

11/08/2014 Sunday Times Money Section includes quotes from Paula Higgins advising people on how mortgage brokers can help find a good deal



22/07/2014 Front page of Daily Mail quotes Paula Higgins”The door is closed to a generation. Young people feel so disenchanted that they are living in their childhood bedroom when they are 35.”


2/07/2014 Evening Standard quotes Paula Higgins on their front page  “It is a real crisis because people are voting with their feet and moving out of London altogether rather than face years in un-suitable overcrowded conditions when all they want is their own front door.”

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26/06/2014 Evening Standard quote Paula Higgins “There has been a fundamental, historic shift in attitudes that I don’t think the Government is aware of yet. People who own properties may have made money out of them but they now realise their children and grandchildren won’t have the same opportunities unless the Government stops this boom and bust property cycle.”

20/06/2014 Daily Mail reports that stamp duty takings rise £1billion in a year, quoting HomeOwners Alliance

photo9/06/2014 - The Times, The Telegraph, Zoopla Moneywise , Mortgage Introducer, International Business Times, Property Reporter, Yorkshire Post covers latest research and quotes Paula Higgins on how young homebuyers are worried about debt and turn to parents for first step on property ladder

23/05/2014 ITV news quotes Paula Higgins, saying that ‘Homeowners are already struggling to make ends meet, and millions could be pushed into real financial hardship with interest rates start to rise

23/05/2014 This is Money reports on HomeOwners Alliance’s latest survey findings saying that one in three homeowners fear an interest-rate rise will put them in financial difficulty

18/05/2014 Mail on Sunday quotes HomeOwners Alliance about murky estate agent practice of Sale by Tender

6/05/2014 The HomeOwners Alliance co-sign a letter objecting to Government plans to change trespass laws to allow shale gas companies to drill under homes without the owner’s permission featured in The GuardianFinancial Times, Shropshire Star,

3/05/2014 Daily Mail picks up on our campaign reporting that stamp duty burden rises 40% in a year as Treasury takes £27million A DAY from sale of homes

25/04/2014 BBC’s  Don’t Get Done Get Dom series looks at shared ownership. Catch Paula Higgins answering Dom’s questions

8/04/2014 Lucy Tobin at the Evening Standard helps us shine a light on how to get a better deal from your Estate Agents

7/04/2014 Reuters suggests our HomeOwners Survey 2014 results in a slump in FTSE 100 index

7/04/2014 The Times Paula Higgins quoted along with HomeOwners Survey in article “House Price Boom Spreads Across Britain”

7/04/2014 Mortgage Solutions quote Paula Higgins and HomeOwners Survey in article “High Prices Still a Problem for Homeowners”

07/04/2014 This is Money Homeowners no longer so worried about negative equity as soaring house prices become the ‘national concern’

25/3/2014 ThisisMoney How to get a better deal from estate agents. Our report and advice on not being ripped off gets picked up by the Daily Mail’s This is Money

8/03/2014 “Rip off estate agents making most of the housing boom” Daily Mail reports on HomeOwners Alliance investigation of estate agent fees and contracts Daily Mail

7/03/2014 Moneywise: “Murky” world of estate agents practices revealed. Coverage of HomeOwners Alliance report

7/03/2014 “Rogue agents are back as house prices soar” in the Daily Mail reporting on the HomeOwners Alliance probe into estate agent practices


7/03/2014 Evening Standard reports on sale by tender. Paula Higgins quoted calling the practice “extortion”

7/03/2014 Property Wire report on lack of estate agency fees and transparency

4/03/2014 New partnership to bring fee-free mortgage advice to our visitors announced by Mortgage Solutions

18/12/2013  Our Chief Executive speaks to BBC Radio Essex about how to find a good conveyancer

17/12/2013 Paula Higgins speaks to the London Evening Standard about the rise in property millionaires

09/12/2013 Paula Higgins quoted in London Evening Standard  speaking about research report into house prices

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29/10/2013 Paula Higgins appears on Channel 4’s Dispatches programme: the property market undercover



10/09/2013 Paula Higgins joins BBC Radio 4’s Your & Yours to discuss the housing market in the UK: everything from housing supply to the Bank of Mum and Dad.

06/09/2013 Financial Times looks into the impact of the housing crisis as more grown-up children live at home. Paula Higgins at the HomeOwners Alliance comments.

06/09/2013 Paula Higgins from HomeOwners Alliance speaks about rising London house prices to Voice of Russia UK Radio

28/08/2013 front page of the Evening Standard quotes Paula Higgins highlighting the “huge problem that home  ownership is out of reach of normal people on normal salaries”

23/08/2013 The Daily Mail quotes our report into Stamp Duty

24/07/2013 BBC Radio Humberside interviews Angela Kerr at HOA (listen from 25 minutes in to hear what we say)

24/07/2013 The Sun quote Paula Higgins saying home loan guarantees “could encourage people to take on huge mortgages that could be devastating in the long-run”.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 11.28.3723/07/2013 The Guardian article on Part 2 of the Right to Buy scheme quoted Paula Higgins warning that if the scheme is allowed to drive up house prices it could “cause a bubble and encourage people to take on huge mortgages.” 

15/07/2013 Mortgage Solutions reports on our YouGov Survey into Homeowner and First Time Buyer Stresses. See our infographic and report for more info

19/06/2013 Mortgage Solutions Looks at the Help to Buy questions that still need answering. Angela Kerr calls on mortgage advisers to communicate the risks of negative equity associated with new build homes

Our report Stamping on Aspiration exposes the unfair and rising burden of Britain’s bloated property tax and is featured in many national papers as well as on Radio and TV

28/05/2013 LBC radio – Paula Higgins discusses the shocking news that average stamp duty payments are up 18% in the last year

28/05/2013 5Live – HOA Chief Executive, Paula Higgins explains why the stamp duty system is in urgent need of reform. Click to 2:37:00 for the interview

28/05/2013 BBC Wales, Paula Higgins on the impact of stamp duty in Wales. Click to 0:42:30 for interview

28/05/2013 ITV Daybreak, Paula Higgins, argues for stamp duty reform of the stamp duty system

28/05/2013 Sky News – HOA Chief Executive, Paula Higgins is interviewed about the ever rising burden of stamp duty

Stamp duty Sky News

28/05/2013 The Scotsman – Stamp duty rises ‘choking’ housing market recovery

28/05/2013 The Daily Mail – Stamp duty is ‘choking’ housing market as it rises seven times faster than inflation over last 15 years

28/05/2013 The Daily Express – Stamp duty ‘kills dream of buying your own home’

28/05/2013 The Guardian – Stamp duty choking housing market, say campaigners

28/05/2013 The Daily Telegraph – Rising stamp duty “stops families from moving house”

28/05/2013 The Metro – Housing market is being “stamped on”

27/03/2013 The Daily Mail – Have an interest-only mortgage deal? Expect a hike in repayment costs as more banks decide to axe low-cost plan – Paula Higgins calls on mortgage companies not to “shirk their responsibilities” to their customers. This is especially important in the wake of our report On the Edge which found hundreds of thousands may be forced to sell their home when their mortgage expires

23/03/2013 The Times – Will Help to Buy work?
Paula Higgins says: “Help to Buy could spell disaster. If prices fall, buyers will be on the brink of negative equity.”
21/03/2013 The Evening Standard Housing crisis means half of London’s ‘generation rent’ have given up all hope of buying property. Paula Higgins is featured lamenting that “Most people realise they must save hard for the chance to own a home. But even those who make sacrifices are now excluded from entering the London market and creating a stable environment for themselves and their families.”

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26/02/2013 The Evening Standard Average cost of deposit for first-time buyers in London? A record £60,000. Featured on page 2 we condemn London’s spiraling house price bubble: “This is robbing a generation of any prospect of getting onto the housing ladder and it’s incredibly unfair. First-time buyers should be providing the life blood of London’s housing, and need more support than ever.”

17/02/2013 The Independent on Sunday The interest-only mortgage time bomb that must be defused: The YouGov poll on interest-only mortgages we commissioned, reveals some shocking figures as well as personal tragedies  with nearly 300,000 people fearing they will lose their home. Click here for the full report

13/02/2013 The Guardian 1.1m interest-only mortgages are ‘ticking time bombs: The YouGov poll on interest-only mortgages we commissioned, reveals some shocking figures as well as personal tragedies, with nearly 300,000 people fearing they will lose their home. Click here for the full report

03/02/2013 Sunday Times Homeowners have a new champion – the HomeOwners Alliance:

2012-02-12 06.35.41

“Home-ownership groups are common in Europe, ensuring individuals get a fair deal from government and industry. With the launch of the HomeOwners Alliance, British property owners  finally have an ally.”

25/01/2013 LBC interview with Martin Shankleman over deposits for first-time buyers hitting £100,000 by 2020 – “The only people who can afford to buy are those with wealthy relatives and people who win the lottery. The dream of home owning is dying in Britain because the housing market is so dysfunctional.  And homeowners are actually now in the minority in the capital. Builders now build homes for investors.”

24/01/2013 Evening Standard Deposits for first-time-buyers will hit £100,000 by 2020 – Paula Higgins condemns the capital’s spiraling prices in this front page piece

10/01/2013 ITV1 Tonight: Generation Rent – The HOA’s Martin Shankleman: “There’s been a profound change in the housing market which has robbed a generation of people of the realistic prospect of getting onto the housing ladder and it’s incredibly unfair. Homeowners are much happier about their quality of life that those who live in the rented sector. They are more secure, homeowners have put roots down, which makes for a better standard of living”. Skip to 5:20 to see the interview

ITV Generation Rent Martin and brand 1A

14/12/2012 The Guardian  London houses face highest eviction rate -  Paula Higgins says downward trend in the number of repossessions unlikely to last

11/12/2012 Evening Standard Owner occupation in freefall as young people struggle to buy homes – Paula Higgins comments on the latest Census figures – “London is now a city of renters”

23/11/2012 Most families in London now rent rather than own homes – Front page of the Evening Standard reports on the decline of homeownership, as publicised by our report “The Death of a Dream”

19/11/2012 Drop in home ownership “must be priority” – Trade magazine Inside Housing features our report “The Death of a Dream”

16/11/2012 BBC Radio 4 You and Yours – The HOA’s Martin Shankleman debates the findings of our report. Skip to 15:40 for the discussion of home ownership

16/11/2012 British dream of owning your own home is dying, say experts – The Metro features our first report “The Death of a Dream”

16/11/2012 UK homeownership falls to lowest level since 1988 – The Guardian features our first report “The Death of a Dream”

16/11/2012 Home ownership hits lowest level in 24 years – The Telegraph features our first report “The Death of a Dream”

16/11/2012 Housing: are you ready for the new normal? – “The Death of a Dream” is discussed in The Times

16/11/2012 Share drop in Northern Ireland home ownership – “The Death of a Dream” is discussed by the BBC

09/11/2012 Declining home ownership is a national crisis – Chief Executive Paula Higgins, highlights the slump in homeownership in the Daily Telegraph