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At the HomeOwners Alliance, we are campaigning to ensure a better deal for homeowners and those who want to own their home. Here are a few of the issues that the HomeOwners Alliance is campaigning on, to ensure more favourable government policies and better industry practices.

Our current campaigns:

Please comment below or email us at hello@hoa.org.uk to tell us what issues get you hot under the collar. We need to know what is important to you, so we can focus our lobbying. The more input we get, the more impact we will have!

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  1. How about a campaign to reform stamp duty? Homeowners are being milked as a cash cow!

  2. What about a campaign to take the uncertainty out of homebuying/selling by making things legally binding earlier? Scotland and other countries can do it, so why not England?

  3. The problem of affordability is so complex. Yes we need to build more houses, but they will not necessarily be affordable given that the way the planning system works causes shortages, given that land in the UK is understandably seen as a global investment now from new money i the fast developing productive world, so remains high value because its seen a safe. The economic facts that the pound has sharply devalued due to governmement policy over the last 10 years is never discussed as a factor, we are all much worse off unless we work in jobs in high demand due to high marketable skills, or are lucky, or have been spoilt in the public service sector. Anyone in a service sector job will only get worse off from now. The so called economic experts on TV will not help because economists have proved to be about as much use as horroscopes.
    Many are calling for more rationing, i.e state subsidised housing, but lets not forget how this totally resticted peoples aspirations until the great sell off of council houses that started in the late 60s.

    The only way to get what you want is to free people from regulation, high taxation and government action. Thats what we have to work for. We have a fantastic creative spirit in this country, we still have a very diverse and kind caring ambitious people. We have to liberate ourselves from the dreadful power crazy at the top, corporatists and control freaks and coersive elitists from left right and centre, to solve this issue because we can escape the clutches of politicians, we can.

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