Facts and statistics

The HomeOwners Alliance places great importance on authoritative research and analysis. It is essential for making a credible case for policies to support homeowners and aspiring homeowners.

Below are links to research resources on issues of interest to homeowners, mainly from reputable third parties.


Report title Organisation Year Content
The nuts and bolts of European social housing systems Housing Europe 2012 Review of social housing in Europe
A New Strategy for Housing Institute for Public Policy Research 2012 Broad examination of problems facing UK housing market and possible   answers
Tackling Housing Market Volatility in the UK Joseph Rountree Foundation 2011 Examination of how housing market volatility can be reduced
British Social Attitudes Survey NatCen Social Research 2011 Opinion survey on a large variety of issues.
English Housing Survey DCLG 2011 Comprehensive investigation into many areas of housing statistics.
UK Housing Review Chartered Institute of Housing and York University 2011 Overview of the state of the market
Housing Market and Structural Policies in OECD Countries OECD 2011 International comparison of housing markets and government   intervention
Housing tenure statistics Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2011 Statistics for housing tenure types in the UK and regional breakdowns   for 1971 – 2009
How Would Housing Perform as a Pension Birmingham University 2010 Analysis of equity based welfare
Housing Statistics in the European Union Delft University of Technology 2010 Statistical analysis of European housing markets. Also provides good   data on other relevant topics
Tenure and Change in Deprived Areas DCLG 2010 Report on patterns of tenure in deprived areas
Housing Statistics for Scotland 1993 -2010 The Scottish Government 2010 Statistics in tenure in Scotland 1993 – 2010
Compendium of Housing Statistics for Wales The Welsh Government 2009 Comprehensive statistical review of housing market in Wales
International Trends in Housing Tenure and Mortgage Finance Council of Mortgage Lenders 2004 International comparison of tenure and mortgage lending