Here are what our members have to say about us

  • “It has been very beneficial being with the HomeOwners Alliance.  I would recommend this organisation to all homeowners.”  Jasmin, leaseholder (November 2014)
  • “Having had problems with the poor installation and non-existent after sales service from my double glazing installers, I went to HOA for help.  I have been highly impressed with the speed of response to my queries and the level of support offered.  If you find yourself hitting a brick wall of poor service and lack of information, then HOA can help make holes in the wall.” Brian, home improvement works (July 2014)
  • “As a leaseholder, I found the legal advice and the support whilst I prepared the file for tribunal very helpful.  It was speedy and informative and explained in simple terms which I could understand.  The staff are friendly and very helpful.  Based on my experience, I would recommend HOA to anyone.”  Anita, leaseholder (June 2014)
  • “A truly professional and friendly service – extremely helpful and informative – I am very impressed by the service and efficiency of their replies via email and on the phone. Highly recommended.” Debby, seller (June 2014)
  • “I really appreciate any help and advice you can get for me.  Your service has been invaluable to date in this very stressful and difficult time.” Matt, homeowner  (January 2014)
  • “The website was an incredibly helpful as a starting point. It helped us to understand the different stages and terminology used in buying a home. It was really good to know the HomeOwners Alliance were there every step of the way answering my questions and offering advice, just for me and when I needed it.”Graham, first time buyer, London (September 2013)
  • Thank you for your thoughtful telephone advice today, and  helpful email” Eleanor, Manchester (March 2013)
  • “I like it. A clean, engaging website. I am a fan.” Ralph, London (November 2012)
  • “I’ve been using the Citizens Advice Bureau page because I wanted independent advice, but have just found you guys! I’ve mainly used the free guides so far and found the ones on getting the estate agents on my side and viewing a property guides which include lots of things I wouldn’t have thought of or forget on the day.” Eliza, London (October 2012)
  • “I joined because I needed advice on a range of issues I’m experiencing buying and selling at the moment. The team of independent experts you have to hand has really helped me get quick and thorough answers and without paying out each time. I’m just awaiting a reply to my third question. So yes, thanks, a great service.” Mike,  Kent (October 2012)
  • “Their expert’s advice was very helpful. I’m pleased the HomeOwners Alliance were there to help.” Evelyn, Daventry (October 2012)
  • “My sister recommended the HOA and sent me the “Hidden Costs” advice guide and I’ve found it really useful, but also a little scary that it’s not just the deposit I need to think about. Will keep using the site.” Katie,  Suffolk (August 2012)

What do other organisations think of us?

“We welcome the HomeOwners Alliance, giving a voice to homeowners and those wanting to buy their first home, and ensuring their interests are properly championed in the media and across government. The industry has long had dozens of groups representing their interests, and it is about time the ordinary homeowner did. It can only be good news for homeowners and homeownership” Grant Shapps, (former) Housing Minister, (September 2012)

“A powerful report” Jack Dromey, Labour MP and shadow Housing Minister, on our report “The Death of a Dream

“The HomeOwners Alliance will give homeowners a stronger voice on critical issues around buying, selling, owning and maintaining a home. TrustMark wholeheartedly supports the Alliance, and particularly welcomes its work in providing guidance to homeowners on repair, maintenance and home improvements, and its signposting to TrustMark registered firms.” Liz Male, Chairman of TrustMark, the Government endorsed quality mark for tradesmen

The Sunday Times reports: “Homeowners have a new champion. Home-ownership groups are common in Europe, ensuring individuals get a fair deal from industry and government. With the launch of the HomeOwners Alliance, British property owners finally have an ally.”